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Edging is ane ssential part of furniture manufacturing from laminated particle boards. Through this process cabinet furniture gets a finished form. Edgebanding prolongs the service life of furniture because it increases water resistance and product strength. “BYSPAN” offers linear and curved edgebanding. Works with edging materials are done only by skilled operators with due attention to technological process. Only high-quality edges and other necessary materials are used for the edging. The whole process takes place on a highly specialized machine within short time. It allows to provide the highest quality of works.


Drilling is a process of making blind and through holes to connect the furniture parts through standard fastenings, also drilling or marking of holes for fitting the furniture hardware or mechanisms. Accuracy of drilling is important for proper furniture assembly. In company “BYSPAN” drilling works are made by experienced specialists on modern equipment permitting them to get holes of precisely set dimensions withouttearings and production faults. “BYSPAN” ensures the high quality of works!

frezaaaaaaa с рамкой.JPGMilling

Milling is a process of cutting the material and making different forms of surface widely used in cabinet furniture manufacturing. “BYSPAN” offers milling on modern equipment. Milling process is made only by specialists with due expertise in technological process allowing to guarantee maximum precision and quickness of milling.