Our company sells not only high-quality materials for the furniture production, office and shop equipment, but also provides services to manufacture furniture parts from particle boards, laminated particle boards. All manufacturing processes (cutting, milling, edging, drilling, etc.) are carried out on the modern high-technology German equipment. Most machines are automated that allows to improve their performance and increase the quality of the finished furniture parts.

 Our production has been operational since 2015. During this period it was purchased modern equipment from leading world manufacturers, established technological processes, improved ordering system. The list of services includes not only the standard manufacturing processes such as linear cutting and edging, but we offer also to manufacture products that require technical operations, in particular:

 1.     Curvilinear cutting and edging of any complexity.

2.     Parts manufacturing with a bevel.

3.     Selection of the internal right angle.

4.     Edge coating.

5.     Range of innovative operations: board face and end grooving, embedded strips milling.

Our company employs specialists, who can take over the duties for:

1.     Price calculation according to sketch.

2.     Design- ingeneering calculation.

3.     Production consulting.

 Qualified staff who have a long experience in furniture production and regular training sessions work in production hall.

Therefore you have opportunity to get furniture parts of full cycle? In particular, from sketch to finished part at high level. This competitive advantage gave rise to development of outsourcing in the production of furniture parts.

Outsourcing in production of furniture parts

The term "outsourcing" is come from the English word “outsourcing”, which means into Russian “the external source”. Production outsourcing is a transfer of part of its production chain and sometimes the whole production cycle to another company. For example, the company which produces and sells furniture, deals only with design, control and sale of the final product. The third parties (outsourcers) carry out the intermediate steps of product manufacturing. Another example: the furniture manufacturer produces independently all main furniture parts, but the production of difficult components that require special equipment  manufacturer gives to the partner-outsourcer.


Many companies move to outsource to increase efficiency and develop its possibilities.

Which  advantages has outsourcing?

1.     Reducing costs.

2.     Access to technology of higher level and use another’s experience.

3.     Increasing of products or services quality.

4.     Possibility to minimize the risks.

5.     Internal resources release of company for other purposes.

 «BYSPAN» is your responsible partner in production of furniture parts. You can trust us this process in part or in whole and focus on developing your own business: brand development, development of new models of furniture, product promotion.

We are ready:

1.     to provide you with full set of necessary materials;

2.     to carry out all necessary consultations and calculate order;

3.     to perform work as soon as possible with high quality.

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