Pine Castina 542
NamePine Castina 542
CategoryIn prospect
Recommended stampWML / SWN
New productYes
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Production: Ivatsevichy
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The decor drawing from Cascina Pine 542 is dominated by a natural white shade. The natural grain of pine wood grain gives this decor a natural and natural feel with an emphasized vintage style. This is a profitable option for designers who want to decorate the interior in white tones, but at the same time preserve the naturalness and naturalness of materials. By combining the decor Pine Cascina 542 with the WML surface structure, which is based on the imitation of the structure of painted coniferous wood, the effect is enhanced and the decor acquires a natural wood pattern, including the touch.
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Pine Cascina allover 10-370151 12026230 (SURTECO) визуал.jpg