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One of the services of “BYSPAN” is cutting particle boards and laminated particle boards. This service allows our partners to refresh cabinet furniture or manufacture new furniture with minimum material expenses. Furniture from laminated particle boards is a perfect solution for every interior. In order for cabinet furniture tomeet allbuyer’s requests, to be functional and high-quality, it is necessary to trust this process to professionals, which have skills and equipment.  “BYSPAN” provides cutting of laminated particle boards for producing parts which are used for furniture assembly of various purposes. Only skilled professionals do works on cutting. “BYSPAN” uses only modern equipment,which cuts boards according to the cutting maps. We cut particle boards and laminated particle boards on high-precision panel saw. Atther equest of customer the edges of parts can be edgebanded.

“BYSPAN” cuts boards on professional equipment with full quality control on every production stage. 

Orders for cutting are accepted from 50 square meters, contacts phone are +375 1645 35 680 and +375 1645 35 696