Edge material
There are several ways to miter furniture made of particleboard, MDF and chipboard. The most popular and the most effective of them - it pasting PVC edge.

Advantages of gluing PVC edge:

1. protection from moisture;
2. resistance to stimuli (chemical substances reagents.);
3. aesthetic appearance;
4. easy finishing;
5. increasing the life of the product;
6. preventing evaporation resins.

We offer a wide range of decors appropriate decor chipboard edge.

PVC Edge is easy to use and practical, making it easier to work with furniture. Quality skirting tape provides strength and durability of furniture, it is easy to clean and does not protect the product from moisture.

BYSPAN offers its customers PVC edge, perfectly matched to the decor chipboard. This fact will save time and money of our clients in the search and selection of edging materials.

Ordering edge following decors are available:
Unicolor: White 601, Cinder 621, Cream 625;
Decors: Wenge 175, Walnut Chocolate 210, Oak Milk 315, Oak Sonoma 325, Oak Boniface 348, Oak Sonoma 351, Oak Marburg 354, Oak Canyon 365.

Физические свойства  Parameter
Thickness  0,4 - 2,0 mm
Способы нанесения структуры поверхности  тиснение после покраски, горячее тиснение   
Quality поверхности на внутренней поверхности нанесен праймер (грунтовка)
Structures of stamping соответствующая структурам поверхности ЛДСП BYSPAN

Width, mm
Thickness, mm
0,4 0,6 1,0 2,0
                       linear meter in roll
200 200 150 100
                       linear meter in box
19    1000         1000         750         750     
22 1000 1000 750 500
26 800 800 600 400
28 800 800 600 400